About Ron Karpel

email: Ronny@karpel.org
Phone: (415) 987-5109


I started my professional career in the Bay Area as a computer hardware engineer, designing the most sophisticated microprocessors of their times. But the world of ones and zeros did not satisfy me. I needed something much more real. I was drawn to nature; mountain climbing and traveling became my passion. Photography brought the outdoors into my cubical and home. I hope it will do the same for you.

I bought my first camera, a Canon AT-1, in 1977, and started taking pictures to show friends why I love the mountains. I have used many different cameras over the years. I recently discovered the unmatched quality of medium format with the Pentax 67II. I now use the Pentax 67II for most of my work, and a Canon 35mm camera when I go on challenging mountaineering trips.

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